About Us

We are the Jeffreys family and we’re raising our kids in the Heart of Dixie on a small piece of property that we’ve slowly developed over the years. We are gradually learning homesteading skills as we aspire the use our land to the best of it’s ability and to feed our children the most healthy, high quality food available.

Ben(14) takes care of the laying hens and sells the eggs we currently have 50+. Samuel(11) enjoys taking care of the sheep, we currently have 6 and are planning to grow the flock. Bethany(16) helps take care of the dog and likes to make bread and muffins. Harmony(8) takes care of our farm cat and loves to help do any type of cooking baking. They all love to cook actually and it’s fun to see them develop their skills.

We are about to embark on a new journey of building a farm from scratch and are planning to document that here. We hope you’ll come along and join us on the journey.