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Best Loved Book Series In Our Homeschool!

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Are you looking for some best loved book series to add to your collection or to give as gifts to your kids? We love to read aloud during our homeschooling time. It’s a great opportunity for us to come together and have a shared experience through books. I love getting into a series that can carry us several months or even through the entire school year. These are some of our best loved book series that we have read over the years.

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Book series for the whole family –

The Little House on the Prairie series – Quite possibly my all-time favorite series of books, my mom read them to me as a child and I’ve read them many times to my kids. Every time we read them, I learn something new. The hardships this family faced over and over, remind you how tough pioneer life really was in those times. These books are great for all ages of kids.

Little Britches series – We read this entire series a few years ago and everyone LOVED them. The books are based on Ralph Moody’s life during the early 1900’s, he loses his father and has to help his family survive by taking on various jobs and helping on cattle ranches. My boys especially loved these and often still refer back to them.

The Prince Warrior Series – These books by Pricilla Shirer were incredible. I was shocked at how much I loved them. It’s a fantasy series similar to Narnia, the children go to another realm and have to fight battles similar to the ones that they are fighting in real life. The spiritual symbolism is incredible, even as an adult, it will just hit you like a ton of bricks.

One of my favorite parts of this book-

A favorite portion of mine is when the children are being led by their armor (it lights up and shows them where to go) and the armor directs them to go over a cliff. They keep thinking it must not be right. As soon as they start to take a step over the cliff a block appears under their feet creating steps for them to cross the expanse safely. It perfectly symbolizes our walk of faith as Christians. These books are geared for ages 9-12 but can be enjoyed by a variety of ages beyond that.

The Chronicles of Narnia – We have read some of these aloud and some of them we have listened to on audio book. I know Bethany has read them through multiple times, it’s one of her favorite series. Just a good classic, one of the things C.S. Lewis is most known for. These books are still setting the bar high for fantasy.

Winnie The Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner – These books are just delightful and fun to read. I’ve read them multiple times to my kids at different ages and we all enjoy the antics of Pooh and his friends in the hundred-acre woods. There are 4 books in the series but I think the other 2 are mostly poems as opposed to an actual story.

The WingFeather Saga – While I haven’t personally read these, my older 2 kids have, and they loved them. The books are set in a fantasy world, written by singer/songwriter Andrew Peterson. The first book can be a bit slow, but as the series progresses, it gets more intense and interesting. Bethany has read these over and over. Probably best for ages 10 and up, but kids all the way into high school, (and adults!) will enjoy them.

Book series for younger readers –

In Grandma’s Attic – Harmony got this book series for Christmas one year and she loves them. The stories that grandma tells Arleta are funny and exciting. Harmony likes to read the stories to me as we are driving in the van. These books are geared towards kids ages 6-10.

American girl books, the historical characters – My girls have loved these books over the years. I still have my sets that I’ve passed on to them, and they have collected several of the new sets themselves. I think it really gives them a feel for history as they learn about these characters in the different time periods. They have read each series over and over. You can often find these books at used book stores for a great price.

I hope you enjoyed this list of books and find some of these series that your kids might like!

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