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Fun and unique gift ideas for kids that aren’t toys.

Looking for some fun and unique gift ideas for your kids that are actually going to be used instead of played with once or twice, and then stuffed in a closet? Several of my children don’t really play with toys so over the years I’ve sought out unique ideas for practical, yet fun things that they would like. Here is a list of some of them. These are all products that I have purchased over the years and recommend.

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1. Mushroom block- Talk about a unique gift! Samuel loves growing things and we found this mushroom block to be so fun and engaging to watch. The mushrooms start growing in just a few days, with completion in 1-2 weeks and then you can harvest and eat them. You might be surprised at how much fun it is to watch!2

2. Metal water bottles in their favorite colors. Harmony received one of these water bottles a couple of years ago for Christmas and she has used it ever since. I was honestly surprised at how much she loved it. The other kids ended up liking hers so much that they purchased this brand for themselves also.

3. Watches – All my kids have loved their watches over the years, I prefer a good brand like Timex and one that doesn’t connect to any other devices. They love the light up feature so they can see what time it is at night and the stopwatch feature of being able to time themselves running around the house or taking a shower.

4. Hammock chairs- We had 2 of these on our porch for several years and the kids loved going out and swinging in them. Harmony got one for Christmas last year to go in her new room.

5. Swiss Army Knives are a great gift for anyone. They last a lifetime and have so many uses. I still have mine that I got for Christmas a kid. They come in a variety of sizes and with so many different types of tools.

6. Felt tip pens – We love these Paper Mate flair pens they are an especially big hit with my girls. They would make a great stocking stuffer or you could get some fun papers and stickers to go with them.

7. These egg carton growing kits are so fun for kids to watch, they have a variety of different plants to choose from. You can get them stared in the early spring in your window seal and then transplant outside once the danger of frost is over.

A few gifts for those booklovers in your life –

8. Cookbooks make a fabulous gift for any child. Most kids love to help in the kitchen and finding them some cookbooks that they can use by themselves is especially helpful.

Harmony has this on and loves it –

We also have this one from Heavenly Homemakers, we have made a lot of the recipes out of it, and they are very good and easy to put together. Harmony likes to make the popcorn chicken and the butter cookies.

9. Book Cart – this fun little book cart could be used for so many different things. Crafts, tools, kitchen supplies, or toys, so many possibilities. I got it for Bethany last year and she has loved it. It comes in black, white, or aqua green.

Who doesn’t love a good light?

10. Headlamps or flashlights – I know all my guys love flashlights, lanterns and headlamps and use them often. I like to buy the packs that come with multiples and wrap them up individually to put in stockings.

I hope you enjoy these unique ideas for gifts, and find something that your kids can use, and will love.

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